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  • Outdorable Infant Gross Motor outdoor play
  • Outdorable Infant Gross Motor outdoor play
  • Outdorable Infant Gross Motor outdoor play
  • Outdorable Infant Gross Motor outdoor play
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  • Infant Gross Motot Burrow Cocoa Bean 2020
  • Infant Gross Motor Incline Cocoa Bean 2020
  • Infant Gross Motor Riser

Outdorable Beaverlodge Infant Gross Motor 5 Piece Set

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Minimum play space area recommended:
Minimum play space of 5m2  / 53 sqft. Minimum width of 2.8mt. Note: all items in the package are under 600mmH

Suits Ages
0-2 years

Timber type
Natural acetylated weatherproof timber. Non-toxic FSC certified - GOLD Cradle to Cradle environmental certificate. Find out more HERE 

Stainless steel


Together with experts in early development skills, Outdorable now offers a five piece gross motor skills adventure play gym, specifically designed for infants from 0-2 years as they learn some of life’s greatest and potentially most important skills. Like our other clever designs, these items are available as individual pieces or you can purchase a full set, which is interchangeable to create multiple configurations. All items are interlocking using the same connection slots as the larger BeaverLodge climbing sets.

The trapezoidal shape platform (16010) is only 150mm high, which makes a great riser for infants. You can easily add more risers together to create a larger platform.

The Incline Ramp (16015) is nice and wide with a gentle slope for infants to learn on.

The Log Crawler (16017) provides a more challenging experience as infant’s progress. With smooth dowels stretched across a curved ramp, the log crawler is one of the favourites.

The Burrow (16016) creates a small tunnel for children to develop spatial awareness, with little peepholes for extra fun. 

As you all know, gross motor skills are critical to enable children to perform everyday functions, such as walking and running, climbing and catching, throwing and hitting a ball. However, these are also crucial for everyday self-care skills like getting dressed, getting into bed, climbing stairs or getting in and out of a car. Putting toys away and navigating around objects in the classroom and on the playground on different slopes and surfaces. Gross motor abilities also have an influence on other everyday functions. For example, a child’s ability to maintain appropriate tabletop posture (upper body support) will affect their ability to participate in fine motor skills like writing and craft, cutting paper etc. Also sitting upright with good back posture to listen to the teacher’s instructions, which in turn has a direct impact on their academic learning.


Timber type
Natural acetylated solid pine - weather proof - doesn’t warp or swell
Stainless steel
1200mmL x 600mmW x 600mmH
Dimensions (Incline)
800mmL x 500mmW x 150mmH
Dimensions (Burrow)
500mmL x 500mmW x 600mmH
Dimensions (Log Crawler)
500mmL x 500mmW x 150mmH
No assembly required..comes ready to go!


Solid Timber Construction
FSC Certified Timber
100% Environmentally safe
Completely non-toxic
Enhances children’s physical and mental development
Moveable for flexible learning environments
Weatherproof timber suitable for all weather conditions
Timber guaranteed outdoors 25+ years
Smooth edges
Multiple configurations
Arrives fully assembled
Complies with safety standard AS 4685:2014
No maintenance coatings required
Outdorable Beaverlodge Adventure Climbers are a Registered Design of Outdorable®
Safety User Guide and Certification


Limited Timber Guarantee
Limited Timber Guarantee
Full Safety Certification
Full Safety Certification
Environmentally Friendly
Environmentally Friendly
Most Items Delivered Pre-built
Delivered Pre-built*