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Outdorable Sand and Water 2 Piece Set

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Watch as the children pour water down the slope into the tub. Various water diverters are situated along the way to create added learning experience as they dam up the flow with sticks and rocks and leaves. Adding extra buzz to this set's River Bed is our child-friendly hand water pump. Just attach the pick-up hose provided to the outlet on the water tub and you’ve got a recirculating flow of water. Hand powered by the children for the most popular water play experience ever. Let them fill containers and pour them back into the tub. Promotes teamwork and sharing along with many more positive aspects of development and learning. This standalone unit requires no fixing. Just push up to the water table and start playing.

The Outdorable® sand and water play 2 piece set is designed specifically for young children for safe water play and to allow easy supervision. Made from our ultra-special weatherproof timber. Completely durable in all weather conditions and guaranteed to last outdoors for over 25 Years. Just wash them down after each use and leave it all outside until next time. Made from solid FSC sustainable timber, 100% environmentally friendly, this structure is completely natural. At last, you can enjoy the beauty of natural wood furniture that lasts outdoors. Encouraging children’s physical and mental development through water play is crucial.


Timber type
Natural acetylated solid pine - weather proof - doesn’t warp or swell
Stainless steel
1200mmL x 540mmW x 600mmH (excluding pump height)
Dimensions (Square Water Table)
800mmL x 800mmW x 450mmH
Dimensions (Rectangle Water Table)
1500mmL x 800mmW x 600mmH
Minimal leg assembly required


Outdorable River Bed is a Registered Design of Outdorable®
Starter kit Includes Single water table, River Bed and hand pump kit
Water diverters for added water play experience
Water Pump Kit and recirculating pipe kit included for endless water supply
Solid Timber Construction
FSC Certified Timber
Environmentally safe
Safe for children, completely non-toxic
Waterproof timber for all weather conditions
Timber guaranteed outdoors 25+ years
Smooth edges
Simply Hose down to wash
Minimal assembly of legs
Stainless Steel hardware and fittings


Limited Timber Guarantee
Limited Timber Guarantee
Full Safety Certification
Full Safety Certification
Environmentally Friendly
Environmentally Friendly
Most Items Delivered Pre-built
Delivered Pre-built*